Our Fixtures Wizard is a complete set of tools designed to generate and maintain your fixture list season by season.

Fixture Generation is done in seconds and our fully featured toolset keeps you on top of your fixture programme throughout the season.


Fixture Pairings - Load-balanced fixture parings are generated such that each team players all others twice during the season, once at home and once away.

Our system can even handle multiple meetings, for example each team plays the others 3 or more times during the season!

Match Dates - This tool allows you to specify which days of the week the system should use to host fixtures. Here you can 'block out' days where fixtures should not be placed if, for example, the day is reserved for cup competitions.

You can also use this tool to cancel all games for a given date and the system will automatically rearrange the fixtures for you!

Ground Availability Diary - This tool allows you to specify when a particular venue is not available for matches, for example when being used by another league or due to bad weather conditions.

The system will automatically rearrange any fixtures at this venue for you!

Team Availability Diary - This tool allows you to specify when a particular team are unable to compete, for example when a team is unable to field a complete set of players.

The system will automatically rearrange any fixture for this team on that date for you!

Match Official Availability Diary - This tool allows you to specify when match officials are available to be used.

Proposed Fixtures List - This tool will show you all of the generated fixtures and dates and allows you to allocate match officials or choose an alternative match date from the one generated. Fixtures are only made 'public' when you publish them, so you can 'release' your fixtures a month at a time if you wish to.

Published Fixtures List - This tool shows you the fixture list as viewable by the public.

Activity Log - all fixture changes are recorded by the system.

Problem Fixtures - This tool will list any fixture clashes that may have arisen due to manual changes to the fixture list.

The system will automatically offer you the option to reschedule the clashing fixtures!

Optimiser - This tool allows you to 'back-fill' your fixture programme by attempting to move matches from the end of the season to an earlier date. This can be used, for example, to move games to an earlier date for teams who are not taking part in a cup competition on a particular date.

Match Viability - This tool allows you to see if a particular fixture is possible between two teams on a given date at a particular venue. The system checks the availability of the date, the venue and both teams and clearly indicates for you whether this fixture can be planned.

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